1. New Year, New Goals – 6 Tips For Quitting Smoking, Part 1

    Welcome back to our blog! It’s hard to believe it’s already February! With that being said, we are sure many of you made your New Year’s resolutions list last month with all the health goals you would like to achieve this year. As your trusted Newark pharmacy, we want you to succeed in achieving these goals so that you can be healthy, strong, and live your life to its fullest. In today’s b…Read More

  2. Natural Flu Remedies to Complement Medications, Part 2

    Welcome back to part two of our short blog series. Last time, we looked at some of the best natural remedies for the flu that may complement your OTC and prescription flu medications for added relief. The natural remedies we discussed last time included: Drink lots of water and fluid Get plenty of sleep Use steam and a humidifier to ease congestion Drink herbal teas Sip chicken soup or soup broth …Read More

  3. Natural Flu Remedies to Complement Medications, Part 1

    The flu season has been deadly here in California, and will likely peak sometime in February. In our recent posts, we looked at ways to avoid getting and spreading the flu, as well as the top OTC flu medications that our TIB pharmacists recommend. In today’s post, we will look at some of the best natural flu remedies to add to your flu medication regimen, which may help you feel better, quicker.…Read More

  4. Top 4 Recommended OTC Flu Medications

    Welcome back! In our last blog post, we explained the seriousness of this year’s H3N2 flu strain that is only just beginning here in Newark. We also looked at some of the best ways Newark residents can avoid and reduce flu illnesses this season. First, we recommend getting your flu shot this season and while it may not prevent you from getting influenza, it may help reduce the severity should yo…Read More

  5. Best Ways to Prevent or Reduce Flu Illnesses

    Let’s talk flu. The flu season is just beginning here in Newark, and we’re already seeing an increase in flu cases, especially among high-risk groups like infants, children, and the elderly. A recent interview suggests that California residents may be facing a rough flu season in the weeks ahead, and states that this flu has yet to peak. While certain age groups and those patients with healt…Read More

  6. 4 Natural Remedies for Holiday Stomach Discomfort

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  7. 3 OTC Remedies for Holiday Digestive Discomfort

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  8. How to Beat Holiday Belly Discomfort

    Welcome back to our blog! We’ve finally entered December which means many residents in and around Newark will be planning out delicious holiday meals to share with friends, family, and coworkers. While these savory and sweet foods are part of what makes the holidays so special, they can also cause digestive issues for people of all ages. On top of eating healthy portions of festive foods that te…Read More

  9. Boost Your Immune System Before Holiday Travels, Pt. 2

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  10. Boost Your Immune System Before Holiday Travels, Pt. 1

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