Discover the Difference

Not much has changed about the pharmacy industry over the last 50 years or so. Working within the same old business model of simply filling prescriptions on a churn-and-burn basis, most pharmacies sadly overlook the very personal aspect of the service. And it is this personal aspect to which is attached to the intended benefits and safety because every patient is unique.

Though we, understandably, prioritize the efficient and correct fulfillment of your prescription, we never stop there. We go beyond to ensure your safety and health benefits by closing the loop.

TIB Does More

At T.I.B. Pharmacy in Newark, we want you to expect more from your local pharmacist and we aim to meet and exceed those expectations. By being proactive in our approach to your pharmaceutical needs, we seek to educate, inform and guide each customer regarding their long-term health and wellness.

Our closed loop medication management approach eliminates the communication gaps and sources of error in prescribing, dispensing and administration with a great emphasis on tracking and ensuring adherence through novel technologies. Your safety and health benefits from that prescription are our focus. We think and operate with that big picture in view and have tools and ambition to deliver more than a prescription.

We Are Here for You

Visit us and discover the difference that a caring and responsive pharmacist can truly make today. If you have questions or concerns about your medications and their use, we encourage you to contact our team today. We promise a helpful, courteous response from a qualified pharmaceutical professional each and every time and bring back the days when your pharmacist knew you and your family by name.