TIB Outcome Programs


Comprehensive Care

At TIB Pharmacy in Newark, we’re committed to going above and beyond the expected task of filling prescriptions. We strive to offer comprehensive care that allows each patient to take ownership of their own health while managing and minimizing risks to their long-term wellness. By offering in-depth consultations as well as medication therapy management (MTM), we take the time and effort to educate and inform each patient in order to help ensure complete and total transparency when it comes to prescription medications.

Innovation and Patient Education

To eliminate gaps in communication and errors in dosage and adherence, we utilize innovative technologies, good ol’ fashioned common sense and personal responsibility when helping any patient with medical guidance and advice with their prescriptions. Focusing on delivering as much information to our patients as appropriate and possible, our full-service-approach includes an active pharmacy involvement as well as scheduled support meetings that are designed to help with chronic disease risk identification and prevention, management and reduction of symptoms, care programs and more.

Currently, the five programs available at T.I.B are:

Under these programs we develop a Patient-Pharmacy-Doctor triangle as we educate, task, document, communicate, discover & monitor. That is one reason why we say “… more than filling a prescription”

Call for details to enroll you or your loved ones, who have any of the above chronic conditions, in these outcomes based programs. Discover the difference that we proudly offer our valued patients. We serve residents of Newark, Fremont, Union City and its surrounding areas with advanced pharmacy services.