TIB Health Seminars


We Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Always seeking to help every patron of TIB Pharmacy improve their health, we provide a no-cost, comprehensive public health education program. Covering such topics as nutrition, medication, insurance coverage, and lifestyle modification, we strive to empower each patient with knowledge regarding all health-related questions.

Free Health Education

Offering one-on-one private consultations, free seminars, as well as easy-to-follow short videos on a variety of topics, the TIB team is committed to teaching our valued patients the importance of preventative health care. As our bodies have incredible ability to fight a disease and restore health, a well-educated patient is far better oriented to achieve therapeutic benefits and long-term optimal wellness.

Working in conjunction with an individual’s primary care physician and other prescribers we help facilitate positive lifestyle and behavior modification. It is our goal to play a significant role in the education of each patient, facilitating the connection between knowledge and healthy living.

Discover more about nutrition, exercise, prescription management, insurance programs and other health-related topics by speaking more with your pharmacist in Newark at TIB Pharmacy. Ask for upcoming seminar dates and locations. If you are interested in a particular topic or prefer seminar in a certain language, please contact us. We look forward to helping you take that first step towards optimal wellness.