Medication Synchronization


Pharmacy Efficiency

You may be taking more than one prescription medication and these may be coming from more than one prescriber and initiated at different times but all that does not mean you have to make so many trips to the pharmacy. At TI.B. it can be, and arguably must be, once-a-month-pick-all-prescriptions task. This approach, T.I.B. MedSync, eliminates/minimize communication gaps, confusion, missed doses, wrong doses, nonadherence, and inconvenience.

Working with you, your prescriber and your insurance, we aim to attain and sustain this pattern of prescription refills, which requires the active and proactive involvement of pharmacy staff.

Convenience, clarity, and compliance stemming from this approach have direct implications on therapeutic outcomes.

Let T.I.B. Pharmacy Solve Your Medication ‘Refill Haphazardness’ For You

Contact us today to find out more about what Med Sync means for your prescriptions, and discover what a commitment to superior care and health looks like firsthand. If you have any questions or comments, we are more than happy to address your concerns in a helpful, caring, and friendly manner. We promise our courteous team puts your health first. Call us today.