Q: How do you manage to provide results so quickly?

We have on-site (in the pharmacy) a PCR analyzer. We DON’T ship samples.

Q: Is there a same turnaround time for test results?

To address your level of urgency and cost, we offer three types of turn-around times:

  • Real-Time-Result - Within 1- 2 hours
  • Same-Day-Result - By 6:00 P.M. Same Day (If Specimen Collected By 12:00 P.M)

In any case results are available much quicker than most available options running PCR test.

Q: What type of test it is?

It is a PCR test also known (RT-PCR, molecular test, viral test, or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT)). Want to know more about test types? click here for video or click her for a brochure

Q: What is the quality of this test?

Our system is claimed to be best-in-class system offering reference-lab grade results with same level of sensitivity and negative predictive value in a point-of-care setting as in the large labs running a bigger analyzer.

Q: Would you bill my insurance for the test?

Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to bill your insurance. We will provide you with the receipt. Check with your insurance if it would fully or partially reimburse your out-of-pocket expense.

Q: How is sample obtained?

It is nasal or nasopharyngeal swab i.e., sample is taken from nostrils with a swab.

Q: Can I stay in my vehicle?

Yes. You must stay in your vehicle. Just follow the signs in the parking lot. Pull up in designated parking space and we will complete the procedure as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I make an appointment?

You must register at our website www.TIBPharmacy.com. Registration process is quick and easy. You will provide required info about the patient, pay for the test and reserve a testing time.

Q: Would you report results to my doctor?

If you like, we can furnish test results with your doctor.