Deep and Devoted Consultations

ConsultPlus is one-to-one, sit-down, in-depth, patient-centered consultation with the pharmacist. An appointment is preferred but not necessary. Its scope is broad and as such would cover any drug therapy and health-related matters. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) and natural supplements. Features of significance are:

  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
  • Pharmacist furnished hormonal contraceptives (no prescription required)
  • Naloxone for first-aid of opioid overdose cases (no prescription required)
  • MTM and CMR services help identify treatment gaps, inadequacies, excessive and avoidable side effects and drug-drug, drug-food, drug- natural supplements interactions. Wrong intake, use, dose, dosing intervals also surface during such face-to-face meeting between the patient (or caregiver) and pharmacist.

More Than Medication Fulfillment

The prime objectives of the ConsultPlus program are (1) ensure safety of the patient (2) attain and maximize benefits of a medication (3) minimize or avoid side-effects (4) enhance patient’s understating about the rationale for a particular medication in use by the patient (5) educate the patient what actions to take in certain scenarios relevant for the patient. This is an easily accessible resource available to the patient and it promises to fill several gaps commonly seen in patient care. We believe that patient-focused consultations through open communication and personalized service are the solution to many of the problems that patients experience. This service is equally helpful for acute as well as chronic conditions. It is our goal to improve patient adherence and satisfaction while educating the patients about the challenges, benefits and opportunities inherent in chronic disease and its management.

This type of commitment on the part of a pharmacy team requires allocation of resources, training, and motivation. All those elements were engrained when TIB was conceived as a re-imagined pharmacy. Find out more about MTM, CMR and TIB’s commitment to establishing a higher level of service for each individual by scheduling your own discreet, private consultation with a TIB pharmacist now.