Welcome back to the TIB Pharmacy blog! Many in our Newark community will be traveling over the next few weeks to spend time with family and friends on Thanksgiving and other holidays. In part one of this short blog series, we offered tips to help you boost your immune system before heading out on a holiday vacation. Some of the tips we listed included:

  • Getting lots of vitamin C to ward off infections and illnesses.
  • Getting plenty of sleep to maintain a strong immune system and to support healthy energy levels.
  • Cutting out unhealthy habits, drinking matcha green tea to get extra antioxidants, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Let’s look at a few more ways you can improve your immune system before traveling on germ-infested planes, trains, and riding in automobiles for extended periods of time. Please read on to learn more.

Exercise Regularly

For those of you fitness buffs, keep up with your workout routines as you prepare to head out on vacation. For others, exercise doesn’t have to be a dreaded or strenuous activity; rather, implement walking and stretching into your daily routine. Walking for 20-45 minutes three to five times a week is a low-impact way to shed some pounds while also encouraging circulation and stimulating the immune system. This is a great way to get in shape, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of walking on your trip. Yoga is another low-impact workout that helps strengthen the core, improves balance, and enhances breathing techniques, all of which support a healthy immune system.

Find Ways to Ease Stress

The holidays are stressful enough and sometimes traveling during the holidays only adds to the stress. The holidays are meant to be fun and full of love and laughter with friends and family, not for feeling mentally and physically worn out. Therefore, finding simple ways to reduce stress before traveling is a great way to maintain a healthy immune system. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice breathing techniques, stretch your neck, shoulders, and back, and give yourself a break from the stresses of work and school. Get outside and take a nice walk in the brisk fall air which will help replenish your body and mind while giving you a chance to decompress from the stresses of the day. Schedule a massage the week before you leave to relax your muscles and reduce stress levels. Acupuncture is another alternative treatment for decreasing stress and muscle tension, which also allows you to experience calm and stillness in a 30 to 45 minute session. Take a nice hot bath after a long day and afterwards, cozy up with hot cup of herbal tea and a good book to take your mind off of the day.  

Don’t Forget to Maintain Good Oral Health

Keeping up with good oral hygiene practices will also improve your immune system. Mouths are full of bacteria which enter the bloodstream, so it is important to maintain good dental health. When your immune system is strong, the presence of oral bacteria in your bloodstream doesn’t usually compromise your immune system; however, if you have a weakened immune system, oral bacteria can contribute to infections and illnesses in the body. Take care to floss regularly, brush twice a day at minimum with a soft toothbrush and a good cavity-fighting toothpaste, and rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash that fights oral bacteria. Good health really does start with a clean mouth.

Hydration is Key!

Drink lots and lots of water. Keeping the body hydrated is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. The human body is made up of about 60 percent water, which means the body needs to be replenished with water to survive. Hydration improves circulation, muscle function, and improves overall body function. Drinking lots of water helps flush the system of toxins that build up in the body and contribute to infections, so flushing the system of these toxins will encourage a healthy immune system.

Visit Your Top Rated Local® Newark Pharmacy

Finally, it’s a good idea to visit your pharmacist at TIB to make sure your have all the prescriptions you need for your holiday travels. Additionally, you can talk with us about any health concerns you have and we can provide you with recommendations for staying healthy on your trip. If you would like to talk with a pharmacist, come on in and see us, or schedule a ConsultPlus appointment with us. And for our readers who have not come in to see us before, when you search “pharmacy near me,” choose TIB Pharmacy, Newark’s Top Rated Local® pharmacy. We provide quality pharmacy services unlike any other in the area, so stop by today and say “hello.” We hope no matter where you’re traveling this holiday season that you have fun and stay healthy so that you can enjoy this magical time of year to its fullest.