Hello, and welcome to the TIB Pharmacy blog! We will be using this space to provide you with information and updates about our pharmacy services, as well as tips and advice relating to your health and wellness. As Newark’s Top Rated Local® pharmacist, we offer a different and unique approach to our pharmacy services; we’ve noticed that, while not much has changed within the pharmacy industry, a lot has changed with the care and attention clients receive when they go into a pharmacy. Gone are the days of walking into your neighborhood pharmacy and hearing a friendly “Hello, Jane” upon entering most pharmacies and drug stores. Not at TIB Pharmacy. Upon realizing the lack of attention to clients on a more personal, individual level with many big-name pharmacies, our team developed a different approach to our customer care method which recenters individualized care and attention towards the client. Along with our extensive experience in pharmaceuticals and our dedicated attention to prescription fulfillment, we add a personal touch which allows us to get to know each and every client so that we may better assist them with their health and wellness needs. Please visit our site to learn a little more about our approach by clicking here.

As Newark’s neighborhood pharmacists, we want our clients to know why our pharmacy services stand out from the others. We want our current and potential clients to know that your pharmacist can do so much more than simply refill your prescriptions, which is why in our initial blog post, we would like to explore some of the many ways we can help our clients manage their health and wellness. Please continue reading to learn more.

Review Medical History

Your pharmacist can review your medical history and your entire medication record to check on prescription refills, track your prescriptions, check for duplicate effects, and review medications for any potential interactions or side effects. What is more, having a solid understanding of your medical history and that of your family can help your pharmacist gain a solid understanding of your health history. One of the key services TIB offers our clients is Precision Medicine, our personalized medicine plan. Working closely with your doctor, our team provides a one-time genetic screening which gives us the tools we need to design a safe and effective pain and disease management plan. Learning your genetic makeup and family history allows us to design a unique medication plan that specifically matches your needs and limitations to ensure you’re getting the right treatment, at the proper dosage, and without side effects or adverse reactions.  

Medicine Reconciliation

As mentioned above, we track the medicines you are taking and compare them with new medications you have been prescribed. Often times, people take numerous medications and when they go to the hospital or a new doctor, they don’t always report the medications they take at home correctly, which can lead to possible issues with medication interactions. According to a recent CDC report, more than 23 percent of Americans have used three or more prescription drugs in the 30 days. Our pharmacist can help you track and manage your prescriptions so that you are always prepared with an accurate list of medications in the case of an emergency or a short-notice trip to the doctor. A TIB pharmacist can contact your doctor(s), other pharmacies where you may have other prescriptions, and can even view past hospital or health clinic visits where you might have received a temporary prescription. For those who take several medications, it is a good idea to manage and update your medication list frequently, and your TIB pharmacist will be more than happy to assist you with this management.  

Medication Therapy Management Service (MTM)

Patient-focused consultations are of the utmost importance to us. Sometimes, patients can feel overwhelmed or confused about their current and new medications. With the health insurance industry undergoing constant changes, and with the fast-pace of the medical industry, it’s important to have multiple options for scheduling a medication consultation with your team of healthcare providers. One of the services we at TIB are most passionate about is our ConsultPlus initiative, which allows us to facilitate improved prescription management through patient consultations. As your local pharmacist, we strive to build long-lasting relationships built on trust, transparency, and communication with our clients. This is why we have developed our patient-centered consultations as a way to reduce any confusion with regard to prescriptions, pain management, and health issues. Communication and transparency allow us to work hand-in-hand with our clients and their doctors to provide individuals with support and knowledgeable advice, while improving patient adherence to their health and wellness management.    

Contact TIB Pharmacy

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about what we at TIB Pharmacy can do for you as our client. Join us next time as we continue exploring more of our pharmacy services which happily provide to the residents of Newark and the surrounding communities. Tune into our blog regularly to learn more about our pharmacy services, health and wellness tips, and updates on the wild world of health care. If you would like to schedule a consultation, have questions about your prescriptions or overall health, or would just like to say hello, please give us a call or drop by our Newark pharmacy to talk with our friendly pharmacy team. Thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to working with you.