Welcome back to the TIB Pharmacy blog! Many of you will be traveling over Thanksgiving to visit friends and family for the holiday. In fact, AAA reports that as many as 51 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, which means many of you will come into contact with unwanted germs that may cause you to get sick while you’re traveling. Nobody wants to get sick while on vacation, especially during the holidays. In our recent post, we looked at some great ways to boost your immune system before traveling over the holidays. Today, we have some helpful suggestions for how to pack the perfect health-conscious travel kit for your holiday adventure which can help you combat those pesky traveling germs that riddle airports and other public places. Please read below to learn more.

Hand Sanitizer

When you come into visit your pharmacist here at TIB Pharmacy, pick up a travel size hand sanitizer that you can pack in your travel kit. Keeping hand sanitizer handy either in your purse, daypack, or fanny pack is a great way to combat germs that you pick up from touching door handles, escalator and stair railings, restaurant pens, and other germ-infested items that hundreds of people touch in a day. You won’t always be able to wash your hands and with the number of times that you’ll probably touch your face in a day, you will want to have something to get rid of the germs.

Carry Your Own Pen

Bring a few pens from home with you on your travels. Keep one or two in your purse or daypack so that you don’t have touch public pens which are full of germs. Think about how many times you will have to sign a debit card receipt while you’re on vacation. When you eat out, keep in mind how many other people will have touched that same waiter’s pen to sign their receipt; you never know where other people’s hands have been. It’s best to forego all that worry and instead, carry your own pen to sign off on receipts while you travel.

Travel Size Back Support

No matter if you’re traveling via plane, train, or automobile, you will want to carry a travel lumbar back support or neck pillow. These back and neck supports encourage proper posture, and can help reduce any pain, discomfort, or muscle tension that comes along with sitting in tight spaces for extended amounts of time. While you can always place an airplane pillow between your back and your seat, travel back supports are designed to support your back while you travel. These supports are an affordable option for protecting your back while you travel.

Topical Pain Relief Cream

Pick up some BenGay, Biofreeze, or Aspercreme when you come into our pharmacy to refill your prescriptions before traveling. Having a tube of effective topical pain relief cream can ease the aches and pains that come with traveling, sitting for long periods of time, and standing and walking more than normal. Muscles and joints can become irritated and inflamed, which causes pain, tension, and stiffness. Applying a layer of pain relief cream to sore areas on your body can ease these symptoms, allowing you to continue having fun and enjoying your vacation.

When you come to see your pharmacist in Newark before heading out on your Thanksgiving travels, pick up these items to add to your travel kit. You will be glad you have them to help keep you safe from germs and the aches and pains that come with traveling over the holidays. All of us at TIB Pharmacy, the Top Rated Local® pharmacist in Newark, wish you safe travels and happy holidays! Please contact us if you have any questions or health concerns before traveling and we will be happy to assist you.